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James Rutherford

Cross-party calls grow for Brexit legal advice to be published in full

Pressure on the government to provide details of legal advice about a possible Brexit deal is growing, with the DUP, Labour and Lib Dems demanding it be published, following calls from cabinet ministers to see the full document.

Bohemian Rhapsody’s runaway success confirms it – 2018 is the year of the critic-proof movie

Poorly reviewed movies are becoming box office hits with increasing regularity. Why? Because what matters these days isn’t what the critics think, but how well-established the brand is

Review: ‘Kreatur’ Wraps Its Dancers in a Succession of Skins

Bodies break. So can societies. Here’s one thing we can pretty much all agree on: The world is in a state of disruption, one that feels more extreme with each passing day. The German choreographer Sasha Waltz, in the United…

First Known Swimmer to Circumnavigate Britain Spent 5 Months at Sea

LONDON — A British man who spent five months at sea is believed to be the first person to swim around the island of Great Britain, making his way back to land in Margate, a coastal town in southeastern England,…