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Woman Board Delta Flight Without a Boarding Pass
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Woman Board Delta Flight Without a Boarding Pass

A lady board, a Delta flight from Orlando to Atlanta without ID and boarding pass, states a passenger who helped reveal the alleged security breach after the lady in question took her seat.

Delta and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have been investigating how it occurred, News channel reported.

Based on the passenger who did not wish to be identified, the lady refused to get up from the seat. Lady stated that she also had a boarding pass for that seat, and she said very bluntly that She is not moving.

The passenger informed the news channel she requested for a flight attendant who came over and noted the lady wasn’t listed on the flight’s manifest.

The pilot and a supervisor then reportedly decided to remove from the board the woman to no avail.

When they asked for boarding pass, the lady stated she threw it away, and when they requested her ID, she showed them a photo of herself on her phone, the news channel reported.

The passenger recalled a conversation between the lady and the flight attendant.

Well, I am showing you a picture ID,” the lady mentioned. “Ma’am, that is not a government-issued ID. That is a photo,” the flight attendant said. “Well, that is just as good,” the woman stated. “No, ma’am, it isn’t just as good,” the flight attendant said.